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Hi Gary,

I would like to comment a bit about the Aeroseal application you did on my house. As a matter of background, we have a 40 year old house and over recent years have gotten new windows and doors, new furnace and A/C and, added significant insulation in my attic. All that and move to save energy and make our home more comfortable.
One continuing problem was the airflow to some of the rooms was somewhat weak and as a result I have to balance my ducts every Spring and Winter but, there were still cold/hot (depending on the season) spots in my house. I have access to only about 20 to 25% of my ductwork and even used metal tape and mastic on what I could reach to seal the ductwork but, 75% of them were in the walls or in ceilings and I could do nothing about those.
I saw your product in an advertisement and it made sense to me. I did some research and I called you and we discussed my situation. To my surprise, you were able to come out within a few days.
I must say, it was surely an effort to set up the tests but it sure does demonstrate the shortcoming of the ductwork installation. To my amazement, when you sealed all the vents and did the pressure test, my ductwork had a leak rate of 254 cubic feet per minute (equivalent to a 48 square inch hole)….gosh, no wonder the back rooms were cool, they were getting no air! Fortunately, when you finished the application, while not completely sealed, it was a mere 31 CFM (6 sq in hole).
Your Aeroseal process had really done a good job of sealing the leaks. I immediately realized a huge difference in airflow to all the vents and especially the back bedrooms and the vents furthest away from the furnace. The very next day, I was in the basement re-balancing the ducts, closing some dampers and opening other dampers, and because the basement work areas vents were closed off, I noticed how cold it was down there..a direct result of no leaking heat. I had to open a vent.
Today, I am very pleased with the outcome. I have proper airflow to all my rooms and I know when I “tune” my ducts from now on, the rooms will be the right temperatures and get sufficient airflow. One of the good things is I seem to have stopped heating wall spaces and ceiling cavities. To be honest, it is too early to tell if I will save any money on energy costs but, the comfort level in my home is significantly better than before the Aeroseal treatment and really, that is, to us, as important.
Thank you for your service and in my opinion, Aeroseal is a good product, a product that makes so much sense and it can make a difference in almost every house.

Pete - Orleans

What a difference in our heating since we sealed the ducts with Aeroseal. We had a very annoying whistle in the duct work in the bedroom which is now gone. We have teenage girls who were always freezing – now they complain that it’s too hot! We have turned the temperature down 2° and have had to close vents in the back bedroom because it is too warm. View Certificate


Our family room, which is the furthest room away from the furnace, now has substantially increased airflow now that our ducts are sealed. Happy to say that what Aeroseal Ottawa promised – they delivered. Appreciated the professional service. View Certificate

Immediately after having Aeroseal seal the ducts, I noticed that the house is warmer. The furnace is not coming on as often and shuts down quicker. View Certificate

I immediately noticed a difference in the airflow and that there is more air into the farthest bedrooms. It is also a lot quieter when the furnace comes on and it shuts down earlier.